TVCCS provides a wide range of television, media, business, computer and hi-tech consulting services in the United States and worldwide. 

TVCCS provides expert witness services in communications, cable and broadcast television certified by the The United States Supreme Court.
TVCCS has more than 30 years of experience in television and media, being directly involved in key areas of business and media development that continue to have huge impacts decades later involving billions of dollars in annual revenues and tens of billions in asset values. 

TVCCS has more than twenty years in computer consulting, and was one of the first journalists in the United States to see the potential impact of smartphone development beginning in 2002.   TVCCS began providing consulting services in 1987.
TVCCS specializes in asking thoughtful questions most others don't, and finding the difficult answers few others can.  We partner with other leading experts and resources as needed, customized to the needs of each client and project.

The best answers aren't always the easiest.  Remember, the thing you most need to know may be that you'd least like to hear.