Seminars & Lectures

Tom Meek has produced and/or participated as a speaker in dozens of live, satellite, and online seminars in lectures for more than 30 years on a wide variety of issues including television, law, hi-tech, and music before colleges, professional groups, and civic organizations.

Tom is available for college-level classes and seminars for communications and legal classes on the
Turner Broadcasting vs. FCC case and the history of must-carry, how the case was won, and its importance in determining the relationship between the broadcasting and cable industries that continues to resonate two decades after the decision was released.  

Tom is available for classes and seminars on the history of smartphones and their development in the United States as a dominant means of communications.   Tom was a tester and reviewer at the launch of the first usable smartphones in the United States more than fifteen years ago, and continues to closely track this segment in the US and worldwide.  

Tom is available for college-level classes and seminars on the state of jazz music and marketing music in the 21st Century.