Smartphone Consulting

Beginning in 2002, Tom Meek began actively testing and writing about the first viable smartphones on U.S. cellular networks beginning with the Palm Treo 300.  Tom Meek has since personally owned and/or tested hundreds of smartphones from manufacturers worldwide as well as services from all four major U.S. carriers and numerous MVNO's.  Between 2002 and 2007 Tom Meek published several dozen columns on smartphones as part of his “Another Day In Cyberville” weekly series for The New York Times Regional Newspaper Group.  

Tom Meek has also made multiple radio show appearances to discuss smartphones and their potential impact in changing the way information and communications were delivered beginning in 2005.  

TVCCS is actively seeking consulting and/or employment projects in U.S. or overseas markets to discuss current needs and opportunities available to networks, hardware, and accessory manufacturers. TVCCS is deeply immersed in the global smartphone market and U.S. cellular networks on a daily basis.