Business & Operations Consulting

Tom Meek first began his professional media career at the age of 16 as a Producer at WSPD-TV, Toledo, OH.  From his very first job he has always looked for ways of streamlining and improving business operations and efficiencies while empowering employees and maximizing profitability.

His decade-long tenure as Director Of Station Operations with WOFL-TV (Orlando) saw the station become the number one rated Fox Television Network affiliate in the United States.  In the early years of the Fox Television Network, Tom provided critical consulting insights to Fox about how to best develop the network's cable television household penetration, a key factor in Fox becoming a competitive fourth major network in the United States.  

The asset value of WOFL-TV increased from $40 million in 1980 shortly before Tom joined the station to $325 million when the station was sold shortly after his departure.  WOFL-TV was the also the top-rated station for profitability in the Meredith Broadcast Group, and led the entire Meredith portfolio of print and television properties in profit margins during his tenure.

Beginning in 1987, Tom began providing a range of consulting services to media entities, investment firms, and government agencies on business opportunities and regulatory developments.  His client list includes numerous Fortune 500 companies and worldwide interests.